Joshua Tree National Park Engagement Pictures | Kenzie + Tommy

Las Vegas Desert Engagement Session

I would like to share with you some images from my very first couples session shot this week, in an area of wildly beautiful #desert found right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The gorgeous lovers behind the lens are Kenzie and Tommy, and are not only are they most hottest couple out there, but the cutest parents to a beautiful little girl, and I was lucky enough to get to capture their love.

I am obsessed with everything that has to do with love, and this session was my chance to put everything that I have been working on for the last few months to the test to see if I could capture that real and raw emotion that I desired from my clients. The challenge for me when it comes to #photography is not what setting to use on my camera, because I can practice that anywhere, anytime, on any subject I see. The challenge for me lies in connecting with real people, and communicating to them in a way that produces this true and beautiful emotion. I don't enjoy looking at stiff and uncomfortable posing in photographs, and want all of my sessions to be about having a great time. I had to do A LOT of preparation before I even felt comfortable enough to attempt to capture shots like these ones.

To say I was nervous for this session would be an understatement, but it turned out to be so much fun. We were all laughing pretty much the entire time and the hour went by like that! I started off with lots playful actions so they could let loose and we could all become comfortable with each other. This was important for all the PDA I had planned for them!

From there, we settled down a bit and started to take the more serious and romantic shots. These are the shots I was most scared to capture. I am a bubbly and playful person, so getting a couple to laugh and play was going to be no problem for me... but getting them to truly show me how much they lover each other?! That was something I was both excited and scared to attempt to do! But once we all started to really get into the flow, it was extremely fulfilling to be able to create and capture some beautiful moments that will forever document the love shared between two people.

I had so much fun on this shoot, and hope that these photos will forever give Kenzie and Tommy a memory of their love at this time during their lives. I also cannot to capture more moments of their lives because they are just the CUTEST!

Update: Some re-edits from my first ever shoot, the photography was on point but the edits are new and improved ;)

Original Edits:



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