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As a photographer, I first think about what I would want as a client. This comes into play in both the business side of photography, as well as the artistic side of creating captivating and beautiful images. For my business, this determines how I price my services and determines what kind of packages I want to offer. As a creative, it drives me to create something unique and very personal for each and every client. Would I want something that everyone else also has? What would I want from a photographer? As long as I think about this, and stick to this, I believe in what I am providing as a service.

I believe that every woman (and man) has an innate desire to be known, and to be loved. This comes out in different ways for every individual. And while not every woman wants to pose for a boudoir shoot in their underwear, on a bed, in what can sometimes feel like uncomfortable positions, most women you talk to would say that they do want to feel sexy and beautiful, on top of all the other amazing qualities that make us beautiful humans.

If I was a bride getting married, I would kill to do a boudoir shoot as a fun little present for my future husband, or as a Valentines gift for my significant other. But the traditional boudoir is not really my style. I want to be unique and creative in everything I do, which is why I strive and believe in creating something special for each and every client. I don't believe in offering only one type of service, because that isn't who I am as a person, and not who I want to be as a photographer. And this is where the creativity comes into play.

I want to be able to take people's individual personalities, and tailor a shoot to them! Here are just two examples, our of the endless possibilities, on how you can create something tasteful, sensual, and unique for a client. Are you a nature lover? How about a tasteful topless shoot in the middle of the desert with breathtaking mountains surrounding you?! Do you live for relaxing in the bath tub? How about a fun shoot in somewhere you feel absolutely comfortable and relaxed! (Add a lush bath bomb into the mix for maximum fun)

The options are endless on how you can add your own personality, interests, or style into a photoshoot to create something that is personal. And while this post is about boudoir, this practice is really geared towards any pictures, wether it be a family shoot, bridals, senior pictures, or a fun shoot with your cute doggie! There is no need to stick with the ordinary, because everyone is special and deserves to be remembered that way.

As usual, my muse and model Abbi helps with all these shoots by being an amazing model and helping to inspire me with themes. We keep our ideas pretty simple and vague. She wanted topless pictures at Red Rock, so we went our there and just went to town. Then she wanted to take some pictures with her parents BEAUTIFUL tub. We didn't really plan much else, and really just wing it instead of over planning and over styling. I really like to shoot like that, because it really lets the creative juices flow and the images are always way better than expected, rather than not living up to some crazy idea you had in your head.

I really just want to inspire other people to use photography as a tool to not only capture images, but to tell a story and create a feeling. These images to me create a feeling of warmth under the desert sun, or make me feel warm relaxed, and sexy, as if I were the one in the tub. I'll try and just let the images do the talking now.





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