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That's us, Haley & Bryen. We are a Las Vegas wedding photography and videography team, and we love our freaking jobs! Our couples are wild, adventurous, but most of all love each other like crazy... and we promise we will make all your magazine worthy wedding photos and video come true!


We are just two people in love, who ​LOVE taking pictures and making videos of other people in love. Creepy? Maybe.

We met at a camera store and the rest was history. 2 years later, here we are doing what we love, capturing some of the most amazing elopements and weddings in Las Vegas!

Our photographs and films are all about capturing those crazy, courageous, romantic moments in life... bringing out real emotion that can be felt across the screen. We are inspired by two basic forms of art, landscape photography & street photography. You may be thinking... those are absolute opposites! And maybe you are right, but to us, they are our favorite forms of art and expression, and inspire our work so deeply. On one side you have these breathtaking landscape photos of wild places on earth untouched by humans. The other side is these gritty and real photographs that are all about human emotion and can make even the most mundane and ugly locations look so beautiful and interesting. 

This is us, Las Vegas WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER + Videographer.

It's not a PHOTO session, 

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So you want to elope in Vegas?

Maybe you want to elope in Vegas, or have an intimate wedding in the desert... now what?

We are the Vegas wedding photographer and videographer for you! Based in Las Vegas, but available almost anywhere in the world, we capture all your wedding day moments through photo + video.


Once you reach out and your day is booked, we make it our first priority get to know you and your love. We often help you plan your locations, outfits, details, timeline and more! 

On your big day, it's all about you. Like we've said, it feels more like a double date than a session because we want it to feel like your friends are capturing your big day, not strangers. We work together to capture everything and more, never getting in each others way. We make sure you ENJOY your wedding, and we handle the rest!





I want to elope, but I don't know exactly where yet... any ideas?

We both grew up in Las Vegas, and know so many great spots, from downtown neon lights to gorgeous deserts and sand dunes! Vegas is within 3 hours of some of the most amazing locations in the world like Zion, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree. If you can't decide, WE GOT YOU COVERED! Our comprehensive location guide has so many options that there is something for EVERYONE!

Do you travel to capture elopements & weddings outside of Vegas?

Yes we do! We do take on a few travel weddings each year, and travel anywhere stateside! If you are getting married outside of Vegas, just let us know and we will absolutely travel to capture your big day!

Will you shoot my elopement video in 4K? 

We always shoot in 4K! But the reason we do that is so that when we edit, we can crop the video for certain clips. Most phones, TVs, and computers aren't 4K, so we usually export in 1080 full HD. If you want your video exported in 4K, just let us know!

How do you choose the music for our wedding video? Can we choose it?

While we want to make sure that you love your video, 99% of the time we choose your music for you. We spend hours going through our music library, choosing the right songs for your video to make it come to life. We also make sure to match the soundtrack to your genre tastes! If you have a song that you love, we will absolutely include it if we are able to pay for the copyright license to use it!

Do you have back up gear? I don't want you to miss a moment of our big day!

We always bring extra batteries, SD cards, lenses, 2 cameras plus one extra! That way if something happens, we are more than prepared!

What is the turn around time for editing after our wedding?

Typically we try to get wedding photos and video exported and uploaded within two months of your day. We guarantee that all deliverables are received no longer than 2.5 months!

Who is actually filming our wedding and who takes the pictures?

Bryen is the video guy and Haley is the photo gal! When you book with us, that's who shows up on your wedding day, no associates or employees. Most weddings and elopements don't need second shooters, but if you are having a HUGE event, we have a team of photographers and videographers who we work with to bring along with us as second shooters if that is something you want.



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