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Vegas Wedding 


Hi friends!!! It's us, Haley & Bryen, Las Vegas wedding photographers and videographers for the wildly in love. Crazy elopements in breathtaking desert landscapes or under groovy neon lights downtown are our freaking jam!


We are obsessed with the outdoors, always hiking and camping when we have a free moment, so we know some of the best spots all across the southwest that would make for an incredible secluded elopement or intimate wedding. To us, there is nothing more romantic than two people in love, saying "I Do" in a spot that is special to them.

Our vegas wedding photos and videos are all about capturing those wild, courageous, romantic moments in life... bringing out real emotion that can be felt across the screen.

Our clients are more than just clients, they are our friends for life by the end of their wedding day. We believe that the best way to capture people honestly and genuinely is to first get to know people, so don't be surprised when your session feels like a double date!

You can read more about Las Vegas wedding photography and Vegas wedding videography below! 

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It's about YOU!

We will never be able to express how much photography and film means to us, but we do hope that we can share this amazing form of art with you. We truly believe that one of the most important parts of your wedding day is the photo and video, because that is the tangible and long-lasting way to be able to re-live that day over and over again.

Our couples are those who love deeply and live in the moment. Those who are vulnerable, courageous, and free.

Those who know what they want, and aren't afraid to be different and break tradition.

If this sounds like you, then we are most definitely the Las Vegas wedding photographers and videographers for you.

Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

No matter if you are eloping in Las Vegas at a drive-through wedding chapel or getting married in front of 300 of your closest friends and family, it's important to make sure you are hiring a wedding videographer to capture that day and tell your story... And that means we are the Las Vegas wedding videographers for you!

We often work together to capture your wedding or elopement day through both photography and videography, but if you want just one or the other, that's okay too!


We are wedding videographers in Las Vegas, but if you are getting married in surrounding states (or National Parks), or even across the world, we are always in to make the trip and travel to wherever you are!

The best part about choosing us to capture BOTH your Las Vegas wedding photography & videography is that we work as a team by helping each other get "the shot", because there is nothing worse than a photographer walking right into an epic shot for your wedding film, or vice versa! 

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